In 2002 the Krapf Family took over the ALBA tools segment. As a quality-conscious, innovative Swiss company we now work at an international level in the manufacture and marketing of our products.  Due to our own development and construction departments, we have been able to launch successful innovations. We actively respond to future market requirements. High sales volumes have enabled us to work closely together with a number of regional social enterprises to expand the assembly.

Today we specialise in whole metal products in the fields of Winding Technology, Home & Garden and Construction.

We are fully committed to the development and manufacture of high-quality steel products. Our maxim is as follows: The future belongs to quality products that convince their users with their functionality, sturdiness and design. Steel is resistant and 100% recyclable. We consider it an important environmental contribution to mould this material into long lasting products.

We also provide a high level of quality in all our services. The shared joy in this quality leads to a fair, lasting co-operation with our customers and business partners.