Pancake Pan with 130cm separable wooden handle


Pancake Pan with 130cm separable wooden handle

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The mobile Bon-fire kitchen is a fully equipped kitchen with stew pots, pans, grill grids and pancake pans ready to put over the fire. This means that all kinds of food can now be made outdoors and not just barbecues and twist bread as before.

Potatoes or vegetables can be boiled in the stew pot, while there are flames. When the embers come, you can grill the meat on the spacious grill grid, where bread and/or vegetables can also be placed around the edge.

The BBQ pan can be used for paella, pizza or to fry the meat while there are flames, so you do not have to wait for the embers. Let the kids make pancakes for dessert.

Everything can be transported in specially designed bags that can be washed after use.

Colour  Black enamel

Size      20cm    1.27kg

             28cm    1.60kg

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