Satu Bumi is a low cost, high quality, Indonesian based manufacturer of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) home and garden décor products. Satu Bumi does not sell directly to the public but rather through global wholesale and distributor channels.

Satu Bumi has an extensive catalogue of standard products in conjunction with an impressive product engineering team of artists and technicians that provide design and proof of concept services for those wanting GFRC products produced to their specific requirements.

Satu Bumi’s strong but lightweight GFRC spray gun manufacturing technique along with its in-grained fast colouring processes provide a unique long life quality offering that sets it apart from terracotta, fibre clay, ceramic and resin based product manufacturers.

Satu Bumi has approximately 160 staff and with the recent addition of a new 1,200 square meter ancillary factory Satu Bumi now has well in excess of 10,000 square meters of production, warehousing, showroom, administration and logistics space at its facilities in Yogyakarta. Therefore, Satu Bumi can handle both large and small volume orders comfortably and reliably.

Satu Bumi is a member of SEDEX and is dedicated to improving and maintaining responsible business and social practices in Labour Standards, Health & Safety Standards, Environmental Standards and Business Ethics to ensure it meets both local Indonesian standards and the standards required by our international customer base.